TRUsox® 3.0 Full-Length Cushioned Socks White-White

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IN/EX Technology on both the inside and the outside of TRUsox 3.0 is designed to grip your foot and inside of the shoe simultaneously. This patented design enhances stability by stopping movement in both dry and wet conditions. Now with every step you will maximize power transfer and increase agility. As a top athlete, every move matters. Wearing TRUsox will allow you to control the game.


TRUSOX® deliver increased friction between the foot and insole of the athletes' shoe / cleats. In order to maintain this level of performance, and increase the longevity of this it is important to: WASH IN COLD WATER. It is okay pre-treat with fabric softener, but DO NOT USE BLEACH OR BOIL. It is common for the performance material to feel rough after wash but will return to soft texture after being worn for a few minutes. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT TRUSOX® BE LINE-DRIED FOR MAXIMUM LONGEVITY, or may also tumble dry on the lowest dryer setting.